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Search and find Cheat Codes for Nintendo Wii U. If a game is to hard and you are loosing too much time on a particular level or boss come here and find cheats and walkthrouth for all the latest WiiU games. Download action replay cheat codes for Wii U.
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D2Sun Wii U ModChip

The D2Sun Mod Chip is one of the latest products which can be installed on all Wii models fast and easy. On top of that it’s plug and play so in a couple of minutes, you are all set.

The D2Sun Mod Chip supports all types of chipsets including D2A, D2B with pincut, DMS, D2C, D2C2 and D2E 100%. This is an All-In-1 solution indeed. Other compatibles are DVD+/-RW as well as a Dual Layer 8.5G DVD. This mod chip comes with a 2-8Mbit on board SPI flash and 24M on board CLK. Definitely 100% stable on all Wii models. No issues whatsoever with CLK.

You can also directly boot Wii or Gamecube original as well as backup games coming from the same region. There is also a direct boot for different NTSC region for both Wii and Gamecube on any USA and Japanese consoles.

wii u chipOther features of the D2Sun Wii Mod Chip are the improved read settings for any recordable media, have GC Audio streaming Fix, supports running GC games at Wii disk speed or GC multigame discs. In addition, the D2Sun mod chip does not change the RAM in any way hence this remains undetectable by the Wii. This mod chip also has a compact design and the best component with an enduring high speed controller.

Finally, the D2Sun comes with high speed and high secure ACTEL FPGA with two LEDs that indicate it’s working status. This product is a value for money with a very professional ESD packing


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